Write for Us / Guest Post

Would you like to write for Discounts.Ca and see your article read by 1,000s of members?  

We are looking for writers who can produce interesting articles for our members on the following subjects:

Saving Money


Coupon news

Online retail sales

E-commerce and economics

Consumer analysis

Deal hunting

Advice on how to find bargains

What’s in it for you and your website by writing for us?

Discounts.ca is a very popular website, with more than 40,000 visitors per month and a growing social media following.  Your guest post will be viewable by all these readers and there is a certain exclusivity about it.  We don’t accept any old ‘content’ and have high standards when it comes to written work.  As a great bonus you get more exposure in the form of marketing links back to your own website or blog.  Write a great article for us and find interested users coming back to your website.

We’re a rapidly expanding website with over 10,000 pages currently.  We have extensive PR campaigns and have appeared in over 30 newspapers and media outlets.  This will only keep expanding so it’s a good time to get your writing on the site permanently.  Our current ‘Page Rank’ is 5, which means search engines recognize us as a solid authority.

What kind of thing can you write?

Simply, things that would be useful to our readers and users.  We are a website that helps people save money shopping online.  Our readers like hints and tips on saving money, as well as articles on any of the things listed above that we aim to be an ‘authority’ on.  The posts that you send to us have to be completely unique, we cannot re-publish something that has appeared elsewhere on the internet. When we review a post, before we even read it, we check it to make sure it’s not available anywhere else.

If the post has appeared somewhere else, we will not accept it, nor anything else you may submit.

What Formats should you submit your article in?

Any word document or documents hosted on Google Docs or anything similar.  All links should be already create by you.

Additional items?

In addition to the guest post please include any images used in the post as separate attachments.

How Long before a Guest Post to be Published?

If the article is great, it will go up very quickly. Definitely within 1 week.  If there are problems we let you know and also let you know where your link is published.

How do you submit an article?

Please email all your guest posts to articles [at] discounts.ca as an attachment.

Some Additional Guidelines

  1. The topic of the article should have nothing to do with your business.  It can be about something relevant to your business, but not about it.
  2. We will allow you to ‘advertise’ your blog/website in the form of a link at the bottom in a short sentence about you – an ‘author bio’.
  3. Not too long and not too short.  A 200 word article is probably of little value – similarly 3,000 words is a little too in-depth for us.  We recommend 500-1000 words as being ideal.

For any questions, please contact us at the article e-mail address, for advertising opportunities use advertising [at] discounts.ca