Discounts.ca is based in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.  We started as a one-man show back in 2002!  Just the original owner, Alan Taylor and his hobby of saving money online.  To be honest, we are just a bunch of people who don't like to pay full price for things! We took over Discounts.Ca because we wanted a site ourselves that we could use to save money on things we were shopping for.

Daily Deal alerts are great – who doesn't like to get a deal on an activity in their town?  However, we wanted something that let us know where to find deals and sales or a coupon for products we were actually looking for.

You know that if you look hard enough, you can usually find what you want to buy at a cheaper price online.  We want to make that easier!  Come to us when you know what you're shopping for and if there is a deal, a sale or a coupon available for that product or service – we'll have the details!

We promise to improve too – if there is something that would make this site better and be more useful to you – tell us, we'll do our best to get in on here.  We're a small team!  There are only 10 of us here at Discounts.ca but we work hard and we think we can do the best job of finding all available deals, sales and coupons for any product you are looking for.  We'd like to be confident of saying that if it isn't on this website – it isn't available at a discount.

Best Wishes!

The Discounts.CA team.

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192 Spadina Avenue